Professional cleaning with a green touch. We offer top-quality professional hygiene products for kitchens, floors, rooms, fabrics and hands. We believe that with passion great things can be achieved.

Professional cleaning has to be efficient, rigorous and effective. With Christeyns as your partner, you are already halfway there. We offer an extensive range of trusted cleaning and hygiene products for the hospitality and catering industries, with a focus on outstanding value and exceptional customer service to make your life cleaner, safer and easier.

Professional Cleaning

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Professional cleaning has to be efficient, rigorous and effective.

We have developed a full range of products that offer excellent cleaning results. All of our products are free of phosphate, perborate and NTA, while complying fully with European standards.

We offer solutions for:

  • kitchen hygiene
  • floor care
  • room care
  • hand care

Similar high quality products are available to companies wishing to market their own brands. We will partner your teams to produce cleaning and hygiene products designed for you. Our level of private label support is second to none in the marketplace.


Professional Cleaning

Kitchen Hygiene

Hygiene is key when handling food. A dirty kitchen favours bacterial infections and rapid increase of microorganisms. In other words: make sure to keep it clean at all times.
The Rolco - Christeyns kitchen hygiene range is a comprehensive collection of high performance, cost-effective products designed specifically for the catering and hospitality sector, whether you are running a hotel, restaurant or bar, or regularly providing meals in schools, care homes or hospitals.
With our broad range of kitchen hygiene products, we can meet all your cleaning and hygiene requirements.

Clean and Floor Care

A dirty floor can badly damage your reputation. So be sure to have the right hygiene products and equipment to keep it clean at all times. Because first impressions matter. Rolco - Christeyns has developed quality hygiene products for all types of floors, including fragile surfaces and protected floors. Together, we will look for the specific solution that will accommodate all your needs.

Room Care

In the hospitality sector, guest rooms and washrooms are the most critical of all spaces in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Be sure to keep them clean at all times to make that lasting good impression on your guests, clients or partners.
Rolco - Christeyns provides you with specific hygiene solutions for professional room cleaning, from glass cleaners to descaling gels and deodorizers.
We offer room care products to deep clean and deodorize all room and washroom areas.

Hand Care

Hand hygiene is essential, whether in the workplace, in kitchens, in rest rooms or in public areas. It is one of the most crucial means to prevent infections from spreading. Rolco - Christeyns helps you deal with this issue efficiently.
We offer a comprehensive range of hand care products in user-friendly formulations that reduce the potential for skin
Our hand care products are ideal for use in both the kitchen and public areas in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Together, we can find the solution that meets your every requirement.