A Common Future

In 2018, Rolco the largest Greek Detergent and Home Care manufacturer and Christeyns, a leading European Professional Laundry and Cleaning Supplier, both with a long presence in the professional cleaning sector joined their forces, to offer something new in the Greek professional Cleaning and Hygiene market. Rolco Christeyns is a new separate company,a joint venture between the two companies.

Rolco-Christeyns provides holistic solutions to the ever growing hospitality industry, focusing on high quality textile and professional cleaning and hygiene products and services.

Rolco brings its 65 years of experience in the Greek Market and its direct presence in the field along with its manufacturing and well established local brand portfolio developed to address the specific needs of the Greek professional market.

Christeyns brings its international expertise, its know-how in the Textile, Food and Health segments as well as its engineering and resource management capabilities.

We provide high-quality cleaning and hygiene chemicals, combining high effectiveness and eco-friendliness with an unparalleled service. We are passionate about innovation and our local and international R&D resources constantly develop and optimize our products to best meet the local requirements applying green technologies where possible.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We will be the preferred partner to the professional customers in all key cleaning and hygiene segments. We will contribute towards maximizing customer profitability through an efficient and flexible organization. We will provide innovative solutions, system and product support, as well as technological capabilities in engineering and resource management. We will establish a leading presence in all key professional cleaning segments:

  • Professional Textile Care
  • Professional Cleaning

A Common Goal

Rolco-Christeyns Co. aims to become the preferred partner to its customers contributing towards maximizing their profitability through an efficient and flexible organization that provides innovative solutions, system and product support, as well as technological capabilities in engineering and resource management. «Our passion for the health of our planet and fearless approach to innovation empowered us to take a next important step for our company. Today we are building on our single-minded commitment to deliver innovative, reliable, safe solutions that respect our customers and the environment», says Athanassios Souroulides CEO of Rolco. «We are very pleased to work in partnership with Rolco to offer top- quality hygiene and cleaning solutions to meet our customer needs. We will be passionate about innovation, reacting on trends to develop flexible, customized products and apply green technologies where possible», says Alain Bostoen CEO of the Christeyns group.

Research & Development


Innovation at Your Service

A team of highly skilled scientists equipped with professional tools form the heart of Rolco and Christeyns’ Research & Development departments. Their mission? Studying your present-day challenges and translating good ideas from the market into even better, future-oriented products.

Clean and Green

In our research centers, we constantly evaluate and optimize our services and products in terms of quality, but also in terms of environmental concerns. We believe that a cleaner tomorrow is not just another fairy tale. Our expert scientists are dedicated to making the world a cleaner and greener place.

A Perfect Fit

Our innovations are thoroughly tested both on lab scale and in the field. Our R&D departments work closely with suppliers, renowned universities, institutes and private companies, as we believe sharing expertise and combining capabilities make us so much stronger.
Our continuous dedication to innovation, to
creating new and improved products, places us exactly where you need us to be: right by your side, with a solution that perfectly fits your needs.
At Rolco - Christeyns, we are a family of experts with a passion and deep commitment to
continuously improve our customers’ operations. Our purpose and how we do business focusses on ensuring complete customer satisfaction by producing products and services of the highest quality, value & effectiveness in a safe & environmentally responsible manner.

Our Values

  • We do business legally and ethically, in line with generally accepted principles of good behavior.
  • We see our customer as our prime reason for existence.
  • Employees are recognized as our most important asset.
  • Innovation and process improvement are fundamental to our business activities.
  • We focus on using our resources responsibly.
  • We focus on reducing our impact on the environment.
  • We treat each other with mutual respect and trust.
  • We communicate openly, clearly, timely and accurately to our stakeholders about decisions that affect our society and the environment.